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Have you thought of sailing beyond the horizon and making your holiday a tribute to the lust for freedom? If so, check out M/Y Kiney Yacht, one of Mallorca Island’s best watercraft.
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What makes M/Y Kiney Yacht Yacht special

The graceful Favorite 1500 is a deluxe vessel built by the Mulder shipyard to delight even the most blasé of sea travelers. It is light, maneuverable, and agile.

Experience the simple pleasures of life on the seas, with a host of amenities that make every moment more enjoyable.

What we offer
You can charter the yacht for different periods, including half-a-day, full-day, or 3-day island hopping & cruising.
The 18-meter M/Y Kiney hosts up to six passengers in addition to the service and captain team.
M/Y Kiney Yacht is fully licensed for a day charter with the M/Y Kiney Yacht boathouse featuring a dinghy, a kayak, and a paddle boat for your nautical adventure to be as complete as possible.

Make your sail with us

truly ideal

The seasoned crew of the M/Y Kiney Yacht will sail you to the Balearics’ most pristine beaches.

On your fully customized sea-voyage, you will cruise along the UNESCO-protected Western Mallorca’s scenic coastline and drop anchor in the island’s most heaven-like harbors. There you can just kick back and delight in the setting and do water sports like scuba-diving & snorkeling, among other things.

As the sun sets on the horizon, you can indulge in the ripe orange magic of the sunset from the deck of your state-of-the-art yacht and sense the true communion with the sea and get your utmost WOW feeling.

Keep in mind that throughout your sail, you will be treated to Mallorca & the Balearics' delicacies while taking pleasure in the natural beauty of Mallorca’s paradisiac coastline.

We offer the best value yachting rentals and expert service thanks to our extensive network of reliable partners and vast experience in making sea-faring

into an art.
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Why charter
M/Y Kiney Yacht Yacht

M/Y Kiney Yacht is a perfect vessel for a family maritime get-away, a solo fishing trip, or a sail around the island’s most scenic coastline locales. Ideal for families or friends up to 6 passengers, plus captain

On the yacht, you can profit from fantastic views and service but also take delight in the most delectable of Mallorca & Balearics’ delicacies & wines. Also, don’t miss out on water-sports next to the island’s most picture-perfect spots.

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