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Benefit from our unique helicopter collection to travel in utmost comfort. The glamorous, shiny machines are versatile, fun and exciting to fly on.
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The fast and flexible way
to move

Whether you are in a hurry to make it to a business meeting or wish to visit the most hard-to-access tourist spots, flying on a helicopter makes your travelling more time-efficient

Be as flexible as possible and combine different modes of transport during your trip.

Fly the way
you want it

We can customise your route to make it to all your destinations on time. With Insider, you can fly from a yacht to your hotel’s helipad. Or from the airport to your villa.

Travel in a group or solo, and make your helicopter ride an airlift to happiness.

Our helicopters come in all sizes and are fitted out with different accessories, so we can find you the perfect match whatever your purpose is.

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For a discerning

Insider's fleet of choppers is rigged out to best suit your needs. If you need a helicopter to go to a private event, you can fly there on one of our premium machines. How about a modulated-blade-spacing helicopter? It's perfect if you want to work in the cabin or even make a business call.
Sightseeing, on the other hand, demands maximum manoeuvrability. With Insider, you can fly in and around the most hard-to-access locales.

Make your stay truly unique

You can rent a private helicopter and see Palma from the sky. It’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy unique views of the island and experience life on our beautiful archipelago in a way that few can.

If you’ve taken to flying by helicopter, check out our another-Mallorca based tour, An adrenaline-filled trip across the island of Mallorca; the Best of Tramuntana flies over beautiful mountains whilst taking in the sweeping countryside. Spend the the day in Ibiza and return by sunset.

We craft bespoke helicopter touring experiences for you and your company.

Why rent a helicopter with Insider?

Get back your time and enjoy flexibility when travelling by helicopter with us
Enjoy sleek body, spacious cabin, and powerful engines
Profit from our hand-picked selection of helicopters
Benefit from bespoke service on board
Fly with the most experienced helicopter pilots
Get access to premium helipads
Take advantage of our customer-focused travel planning

The world of convenient and luxury travel

Your perfect trip is just a click away. Insider is here to make your trips effortless and pleasant. To ensure the best value for your money, we have created a network of reliable business partners and covered all aspects from transportation to accommodation.

Everything is designed
around you

We think travelling should be drama-free, full of pleasant surprises, and deeply personalised. Every trip is different, and we offer bespoke trips that make all the difference. We ensure you have a great time with high-end helicopters, a trusted team of travel experts, and an extensive range of unique tours.

our unique helicopters
to travel in utmost comfort

The glamorous, shiny machines are versatile, fun and exciting to fly on.
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We will find exactly
what you need

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