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If the spirit of adventure & discovery is still awake in you, come and travel with us to the Mediterranean’s most idyllic destinations.
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Boasting a unique collection of vessels, Insider Villas is your source for premium yacht rentals. Our marine assemblage includes some of the chicest vessels manned by the most seasoned mariner crew. The selection consists of craft of all sizes & propulsion kinds. You can charter a sailing boat, a catamaran, a luxury yacht, or something completely different, like a trimaran.

The yachts are equipped to meet your needs and expectations and have everything for the utmost comfort.

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Sailing at its best
When you set your sails, a universe of indolent ease, utmost calm, and boundless freedom will appear on the horizon. Our experienced skipper & sailing crew will ensure pleasant passage to the island’s most scenic destinations, while our cabin staff will make your voyage a tribute to luxury.
Beach, watersports, party
Suppose you’re looking for relaxing time on the sunny beaches, enjoying a yacht trip where you can pamper yourself with unforgettable sunsets while sipping a glass of champagne, or want to arrange a private event with your business partners and friends. In that case, our team is here for you.

We turn the sea
into your
private pool

Whether you are organising a private event, a family reunion, or just a chilled fishing trip on your yacht, we will find the optimal setting for whatever you have in mind: an off-shore jamboree or a quiet sail with your loved ones or solo.
It also means that on our select yachts, you can not only sail around the islands but also travel to the most far-flung of the Mediterranean harbours and still delight in the balmy clime of the Mediterranean.

Yachting as it should be

Renting a yacht with Insider Villas  opens up a wealth of opportunities for adventurous leisure like scuba-diving, snorkelling, canoeing, water-skiing, windsurfing, jet skiing & parasailing. It offers you a chance to see the idyllic Balearics’ seaside locales and sail to the most hard-to-access corners of the islands.

More than just a boat...
a way of life

Our extensive partner network ensures excellent value, making travelling on a yacht, not just a privilege for the few but a pleasure for the many. Our knowledgeable staff will work to provide you with seamless service. After all, we are here to ensure your trip is an enjoyable and all-encompassing experience.

Prerequisites of sailing with Insider Villas

Delighting in utmost privacy & concern for detail
Taking joy in the utmost care by our cabin crew
Freedom to sail all around the Mediterranean
Combining new experiences with an immeasurable degree of flexibility
Amusing in the top-notch sound systems, TVs, and entertainment
Enjoy watersports
  • Scuba-diving
  • Jet-skiing
  • Parasailing
  • Canoeing
  • Water-skiing
  • Windsurfing
  • Snorkelling
  • Participating in the Balearics’ regattas
Our yacht collection never stops expanding, the Mediterranean for the world’s most prime vessels to suit the most jaded sea-lovers. We also attest to the highest qualifications of the mariner crew.

A yacht for
every taste

Our yachts come in all sizes and kinds. We can calibrate your perfect vessel to fit your unique demands, and if you need the crew, we will offer you the choicest professionals

The Insider's guide to enjoying your sailing experience

  • Invite a world-class chef for a sumptuous dinner at sea
  • Stage one-of-its-kind private event
  • Take your significant other on a date at sea for them to go all moon-eyed
  • Sail to a business meeting for you to take your business partners to a party at sea
  • Celebrate a birthday, a wedding, or another significant occasion
  • Take Instagrammable photos of the Mediterranean marine fauna and gazing at dolphins
  • Hang out with friends and do water sports together
  • Forget it all while our team is organising your holiday

Finding your

perfect yacht

The overwhelming choice is daunting for anyone. Our experienced and knowledgeable hospitality wizards can help you find your perfect yacht. In the meantime, take a look at our collection below to learn more about our most popular vessels.


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