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When you take a villa holiday, you not only want to explore but also be pampered. That’s why we have personally handpicked our properties to ensure they are luxurious in every way - whether you're looking for a romantic getaway, a family holiday, picture-perfect sunsets, or active sport fun.

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Escape to uncharted territory, where you can relax and set out on an adventure. Our concierge services will help you discover the hidden secrets of the most beautiful destinations. Treat yourself and your loved ones to an unforgettable experience. You can find anything from a private helicopter charter to private jets and yachts with our concierge services.
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Catering to the needs of the most sophisticated guests, we offer a wide selection of 160+ stunning villas and private estates across the most beautiful destinations – from mainland Europe, the Mediterranean, the Indian Ocean and the Caribbean.

From intimate farmhouses, modern luxury villas with impressive sea views to imposing and majestic manor houses which can be catered for.

Planning a special get-together with family and friends or a meeting with business partners? Get everything you’ve ever wished by contacting us today – we’re only a call away.
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Have you ever dreamt of a stay on a paradise island? Each of our exquisite villas is hand-picked and inspected by our expert team of warm welcome wizards. Our villa intelligence unit is on the constant lookout for new treasures you will fall in love with.

Stroll between almond trees, and take delight in the Mediterranean siesta, with a beautiful insular panorama

opening up before you.
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Why worry about anything while on holiday? Our world-class concierge will take care of your every need so you can relax and not think about how to charter a yacht or get the best table at the most delectable local restaurant. design your perfect holiday
The time-tested and scaled-up business networks in catering, experiences, logistics, home assistance, ensure the great value of your stay, while the scrupulous attention to detail results in unmatched quality.

During your time with us, you can profit from personalized offers of

private entertainment

Health and Beauty Services


top-level household assistance

last-minute purchases

Traveling on a Private Jet, Helicopter, or a Yacht

expert sports guidance

Catering by some of the world’s top chefs

and many more...
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Here, some of the world’s top on-yacht events and regattas take place.

Trim your sails and head for an escapade of your own whether in the Med, the Indian Ocean or the Caribbean. Rent a luxury yacht, a speedboat or a catamaran with top-notch onboard facilities tailored to your every need.
Now it’s your turn.
Cruising the Med, the Indian Ocean or the Caribbean on a yacht is a fabulous chance to discover neighbouring islands, enjoy a private party, or just navigate the freedom of the sea with no limits on the horizon.
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Our concierge has an excellent selection of private jets to choose from

Allowing you to make your flight as comfortable as possible from the minute you step aboard. We don’t just offer jets that suit you. We match each jet to your needs.
allowing you to make your flight as comfortable as possible from the minute you step aboard.
We don’t just offer jets that suit you. We make each flight customized to your requests.

Enjoy state-of-the-art technology and luxurious facilities at your fingertips while flying to your destination.

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