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Tel Aviv, Israel
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Tel Aviv is a stylish, completely contemporary Mediterranean metropolis filled with chic and bustling cafes, an exciting cultural scene, fashionable trendy boutiques, beautiful lively people and a roaring nightlife. It is the liberal heart of Israel, where every night out lasts until dawn and life revolves around the beach.



Flights – Ben Gurion Airport, Israel’s main airport, is located around 15 km from Tel Aviv. It has two main terminals: Terminal 3, designated for international flights, and the smaller Terminal 1, designated for domestic and low-cost international flights.



To find some of the most arresting graffiti in Tel Aviv, wander the streets of the hipster district Florentin, where almost every wall, door and outdoor surface is covered in colourful murals created by established and emerging street artists.



Just south of Florentin, Shapira is often known as the trendy neighbourhood’s quieter counterpart, an artistic quarter yet to be touched by gentrification.


Neve Tzedek 

The first Jewish neighbourhood to be built outside the old city of the ancient port of Jaffa. Artsy Neve Tzedek has avant-garde design stores, fashion boutiques and handicraft shops, as well as a weekly farmers’ market in HaTachana, a restored railway station. Trendy European restaurants sit alongside stylish bistros, and many of the area’s al fresco cafes turn into live jazz bars and cocktail lounges at night.


Lev Ha’ir

Meaning “heart of the city” in Hebrew, Lev Ha’ir is just that, located in the centre of Tel Aviv and housing all of the cultural must-sees in the city. You can wander through the iconic architecture of the White City – a Unesco World Heritage site that comprises 4,000 Bauhaus buildings – and along Rothschild Boulevard, Tel Aviv’s first official road.

Yemenite Quarter (Kerem Hateimanim) 

Behind Lev Ha’ir’s famous Carmel Market, the historic Yemenite Quarter, or kerem, is still relatively untouched by tourism. Founded by Yemenite immigrants in the late 1800s, the area is home to a host of traditional Yemeni restaurants, including Shlomo & Doron, Tel Aviv’s most celebrated hummus joint.

Jaffa (Yafo)

Named after Yafet, son of Noah, the ancient port city of Jaffa is said to have been built after the biblical flood that wiped out much of the life on Earth. The city saw empires, from the Persians to the Ottomans, come and go before becoming part of Tel Aviv in 1950. The quarter is surrounded by stone fortifications, built by the Canaanites in the Bronze Ages, and the ancient alleyways within these confines make Jaffa an excellent place to spend the day.


  • Suzanne Dellal Center for Dance and Theater
  • Tel Aviv Marina
  • Rothschild Blvd
  • Tel Aviv Museum of Art
  • Habima Theater – the National Theater of Israel
  • Explore Neve Tzedek, the city’s oldest neighbourhood
  • Carmel Market – the largest outdoor market in Tel Aviv
  • Jaffa Flea Market
  • Old Jaffa Port
  • The Big Synagogue in Allenby street


  • Delicatessen 79/81
  • EatWith
  • Mapu
  • Shila
  • HaKosem
  • Miznon
  • Ha’Achim
  • Milgo & Milbar
  • Sarona Market
  • Claro
  • Yaffo Tel Aviv
  • Hotel Montefiore
  • Santa Katarina

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