Your Guide to the Best Restaurants in Mallorca, Spain

Looking for the best restaurants in Mallorca, Spain? You’ve picked the dates for your trip and figured out travel, you’ve got your accommodations squared away, and even have a list of must-see Mallorca sights and adventures. 

There’s just one thing missing from your itinerary…where are you going to eat? Don’t sweat it – you’ve come to the right place! 

In this guide to the best restaurants in Mallorca, Spain, we’ll share the fine dining establishments you simply cannot miss out on during this trip. You have access to authentic street food you won’t find anywhere else, but you can also enjoy some of the best Michelin-star restaurants in Mallorca. This variety is what makes Mallorca cuisine so unique.

Before we give you some specific restaurant recommendations, let’s talk about what you can expect in Mallorca cuisine.

What to Expect From Mallorca Cuisine

We know you’re eager to start adding names to your list of must-try Mallorca restaurants. And we’ll get to that soon enough – but this is your definitive guide to Mallorca cuisine. That means we need to start by discussing the types of cuisine available here along with the caliber of dining establishments first.

The Types of Cuisine You’ll Experience in Mallorca

When we think of Mallorca cuisine, we envision mouthwatering Mediterranean cuisine that includes a variety of seafood, fresh vegetables, and fruits. The island’s cuisine is influenced by Spanish, Moorish, and Catalan cuisines, and it has a unique blend of flavors and spices.

One of the most famous dishes in Mallorca is “pa amb oli,” which consists of rustic bread rubbed with garlic, tomatoes, and olive oil. Other popular dishes include “sobrassada,” a type of cured sausage made with pork, paprika, and salt, and “ensaimada,” a sweet pastry filled with cream or pumpkin.

Seafood is also a staple in Mallorcan cuisine, and you can find a variety of fresh fish and shellfish dishes, such as “arroz brut,” a rice dish cooked with seafood, meats, and vegetables, and “caldereta de langosta,” a lobster stew. Mallorca also produces its own wine, and you can find a variety of locally produced wines to pair with your meals.

When it comes to dining in Mallorca, you have plenty of options to choose from. You can find everything from casual street food to high-end restaurants serving gourmet cuisine. It’s also common to dine al fresco, especially during the summer months when the weather is warm and pleasant. This experience is to die for – as you take in the unique Marllorcan cuisine from stunning gardens, terraces, or courtyards.

How Many Restaurants in Mallorca are Michelin Star?

You’re not going to Mallorca with the intention of holding back. You want the best of the best – and that’s exactly what you’ll find in this island paradise. How many restaurants in Mallorca are Michelin star, though? 

The island was just awarded its 11th Michelin star! In considering the size of this location, that figure is astounding. 

And, it speaks to how seriously Mallorcan chefs take their craft. This level of competition amongst the best restaurants in Mallorca encourages continuous improvements – all of which leads to a better experience for you! We’ll cover some of these restaurants below along with many others.

What are the Best Restaurants in Mallorca, Spain? Top Choices for Fine Dining Along Your Travels

michelin star restaurants in mallorca

Ready to discover the top restaurants in Mallorca, Spain? While you may not be able to visit all of these in a single trip, building your dining itinerary around as many of these restaurants as possible will ensure a memorable experience. One that will leave you longing for more long after your trip.

Before we list out some of Mallorca’s finest let’s break down our judgment criteria for these restaurants. Here’s how each of these restaurants earned a spot on our list…

How We Judged These Restaurants

What we deem to be the best dining experience may not perfectly align with what you seek out in a restaurant. So – take this list with a grain of salt, and understand that it was derived based on the following selection criteria:

  • Food quality: One of the most important factors in judging a restaurant is the quality of its food. We expect high-quality ingredients, skillful preparation, and flavorful dishes that showcase local cuisine and flavors. Chances are, you do too. If so – then you’ll probably love the restaurants below!
  • Food selection: We know what a hassle it can be to find a restaurant that accommodates everyone’s tastes – especially when traveling in larger groups. That’s why we took care to select restaurants that offer a diverse menu that caters to different tastes and dietary preferences. When we say there’s something for everyone below, we mean it.
  • Scenery and ambiance: The atmosphere and ambiance of a restaurant can greatly impact the dining experience. Restaurants with stunning scenery or cozy, intimate settings can enhance the enjoyment of the meal. Just wait till you see some of the breathtaking views from these Mallorcan restaurants…
  • Service: You’re going to Mallorca to kick back, relax, and be pampered – and thus, the level of service provided by the restaurant staff is also crucial. Friendly, attentive, and knowledgeable service can greatly enhance the dining experience, while poor service can detract from it. 
  • Value: The overall value for money is also an important factor. Michelin-star restaurants sometimes leave much to be desired here simply because of what they cost – the experience you have has to justify the higher price points. While you may be stressing about taking a chance on some of these, we’re going to quell all that uncertainty. Any of these restaurants below is worth the money. 

Now, with all that said, allow us to introduce you to the first recommendation we have for your Mallorcan dining adventure. Because you’ll probably arrive on the island sometime between late afternoon and early evening, we’ll start with a dinner reservation in Palma.

Marc Fosh

Named after its chef, Marc Fosh, this fine dining establishment is located right in the heart of Palma – the airport you’ll most likely be arriving at for your Mallorca trip. This is one of the best restaurants in Mallorca to set the tone with, and it really checks off all the boxes we’ve just described. 

The ambiance within the 17th-century Hotel Convent de la Missio is as unique as it gets. From the missionary history to the overall aesthetic – you’ll be in awe as you enter the establishment and experience all it has to offer. 

And, the food itself is delicious. Chef Marc Fosh delights as he puts a modern spin on authentic Mediterranean cuisine. The tasting menus are ever-changing, but we loved the local langoustine with bouillabaisse, broad beans, clementine, and bergamot. Trust us when we say you’ll have no trouble finding a wine to pair with! 

Another really cool tidbit about this Michelin-star restaurant in Mallorca is that they’ve started their own garden and seek to grow all their own produce in the near future!


Now – if you’re looking for something in Palma that offers a bit more value, simplicity, and a delicious array of Spanish food – you can’t go wrong with Andana. This is another Michelin-star restaurant in Mallorca, but diners describe it as more affordable and straightforward – perfect for a larger group or picky palate. 

Maca de Castro is the prized chef steering the ship at Andana, and she has designed this space to remind you where you are – Spain. You’ll take in vibrant, vintage posters and a unique array of lights. The setting is intimate yet inviting.

Don’t expect to be mystified by the plating or flavor profiles at Andana. Rather, this restaurant focuses on consistently creating the familiar foods everyone loves – and overwhelming your tastebuds along the way. You’ll enjoy classic dishes but the quality of ingredients shines through – reminding you that you’re in a Michelin-star restaurant in Mallorca! 

Bens d’Avall

Do you want views while you eat? Bens d’Avall will not disappoint. Sitting atop the northwestern cliffs of Mallorca overlooking the sea, this dining establishment will leave you speechless before you even put your drink orders in. And because of its remote location, you’ll enjoy an intimate vibe as you take it all in.

We love that the show is run by a father-son team: Benet and Jaume Vincens. The two have earned a reputation for exceeding diners’ expectations time and time again. Moreover, the establishment scores points for sustainability – not only is much of their produce grown on-site, but they recycle 100% of their waste.

Bens d’Avall has been in business since 1971, but a lot has changed since then – unlike most family restaurants. They just recently were awarded a Michelin star in 2020. Long overdue, in our opinion. 

We recommend you save yourself for the tasting menu. It features up to 9 different dishes, a snack appetizer,  and petit fours. This allows you to explore all that new Mallorcan cuisine has to offer. Some highlights from this menu include local fish like grouper or ray, roasted lamb, beetroot gnocchi, and of course the ‘sobrasada’ shortbread. 

There is also a more petit menu with just three courses, and you’re free to order items à la carte. While this is one of the more expensive establishments on our list of the best restaurants in Mallorca, it’s worth every penny for the complete dining experience.


You can’t visit Mallorca without tapas – and you can’t say you’ve had Mallorcan tapas unless you visit Vandal. This fine-dining establishment offers an ambiance unlike anything else on this list thus far: edgy and trendy. From the modern art pieces to the metal curtains and exposed piping throughout the facility – this is a super urban setting.

And while the vibe is a bit more informal, chef Bernabé Caravotta doesn’t mess around with his tapas. But he’s just one aspect of the Vandal trifecta – with the help of sommelier Sebastián Pérez and mixologist Matías Iriarte, the dining and drinking experience is second to none. While you may prefer other tapas restaurants if you want to gorge yourself, this is a great choice to experiment with new flavors.

You’ll pair each “mouthful” as chef Bernabé Caravotta calls them alongside a drink that compliments its flavor and aromatic properties. These pairings create an experience you’ll want to bottle up and take home to share with friends and family – but the Instagram photos will have to suffice because you can’t replicate this anywhere else. All things considered, this is a must-try lunch spot along your trip.


Last but certainly not least, we have Voro – the only two-Michelin star restaurant in Mallorca. You’ll find this world-renowned dining establishment hidden within Cap Vermell Grand Hotel in Canyamel. 

What catches your eye first will likely be the building’s architecture. Its traditional Mallorcan construction will have you feeling as if you’re in your own Mediterranean paradise situated in the mountains and overlooking the sea. But soon, you’ll be unable to focus on anything but the food.

Foodies describe the cuisine as free and unbound, or dishes with heart and soul, food that’s creative and coherent. Whatever you call it, one thing is for sure: you won’t regret making the trip to Voro. Chef Alvaro Salazar didn’t win Mallorca’s Best Chef award for nothing. 

He keeps you guessing with each dish on his revolving door of a tasting menu – so we can only tell you what left a lasting impression on us and hope that you have the opportunity to experience it yourself: the soft-braised veal, the glazed lobster, the eel, the marinated tongue, and the dessert of vanilla, apple and burnt milk.

Honorable Mentions

top restaurants in mallorca

Believe us when we say that limiting our list to just five of the top restaurants in Mallorca was a painstaking task. There are countless others we’d describe to you if time allowed – so here are a few honorable mentions to round out your vacation or business trip:

  • Arume: if you’re craving sushi – that’s really all we’ll endorse on this menu as that’s all we have when we go!
  • Maleva: those looking for steak and empanadas will meet their match here.
  • Bungalow: discover the finest paella with an even finer view, right in front of the sea.
  • Raimundo: ever wondered what Mallorca’s best burger tasted like? You can find out here.
  • Pasteleria Ca’n Molinas: an excellent bakery in Valldemossa for on-the-go pastries, or enjoy ensaïmadas on the patio.
  • Rivareno Heladería: hands down the best ice cream available on the island! 

Bringing Our Conversation on the Top Restaurants in Mallorca, Spain to a Close

There you have it – the best restaurants in Mallorca, Spain. If you love fine dining as much as we do, you’ll thank us later. And if you want to experience your Mallorcan vacation to the fullest, you can rely on us for not just lunch & dinner recommendations – but stunning luxury villa rentals in Mallorca, Spain

We have incredible accommodations waiting for you throughout the island – from Palma to Montuiri to Deià and everywhere in between. You can take in this island paradise as it was intended from your own private villa. And, throughout your stay, we will serve as your concierge – coordinating arrival and departure, booking reservations, servicing your villa, and more.

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